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Absence Due to Observance of Religious Holy Days

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The General Information Catalog states:


 A student who misses classes or other required activities, including examinations, for the observance of a religious holy day should inform the instructor as far in advance of the absence as possible, so that arrangements can be made to complete an assignment within a reasonable time after the absence.


This policy does not mean that the absence must be counted as an excused absence if a student has reached the limit of allowable absences in a class. We suggest that instructors consider adding a statement to their syllabi requesting that students inform them of these types of absences within the first twelve class days. The period of excused absence includes the religious holy day itself and necessary travel days. If the instructor deems the absences to be problematic, due to the timing of the student's request or their exceeding the number stated in the attendance policy, the student then can make an informed decision as to whether to remain in the class. 



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