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Most colleges have three tiers of academic advising: Student Division (a.k.a. Dean's Office) advisors, departmental advisors, and faculty advisors. Some colleges also have student peer advisors. Liberal Arts uses professional advisors in the Student Division and the departments; faculty advisors; and Student Division peer advisors. The list of duties below is far from inclusive as students visit advisors of all stripe for a wide variety of reasons.


Dean's Office/Student Division advisors see students who

  • Are undeclared who need registration advising.
  • Seek an exception to general degree requirements.
  • Have an emergency situation.
  • Need referrals to other student services.
  • Seek the “permission of the Dean” for a form or administrative procedure.
  • Need to apply for graduation.


Departmental advisors see students who

  • Are declared in their major and need registration advising.
  • Would like information on special programs related to the major, information on classes, faculty, and career information for the department/major. 
  • Seek an exception to major/minor requirements.
  • Are exploring the possibility of declaring that department’s major.


Faculty advisors usually see students who

  • Seek departmental honors.
  • Need of letters of recommendation for graduate school.
  • Are considering going to graduate school in the faculty member’s field of study.


Student Division Peer Advisors assist students who

  • Have basic policy questions.
  • Need to complete paperwork, such as for Q-drops, withdrawals, and pass/fail changes.
  • Wish to make advising appointments in the Student Division.


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