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Basic Degree Requirements

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All students at the university are required to complete the state's 42 hour core curriculum including:


  • Three hours of a first-year signature course.
  • Three hours of composition.
  • Three hours of sophomore-level literature.
  • Six hours of U.S. history.
  • Six hours of U.S. government, including the federal and Texas constitutions.
  • Three hours of social science.
  • Three hours of math.
  • Nine hours of science.
  • Three hours of fine arts 



Beyond that common foundation, all students must take social science, culture, math, science, and foreign language courses, though the colleges and schools vary in their specific requirements. The College of Liberal Arts requires


  • Three additional hours of social science.
  • Six additional hours of science.
  • Three additional hours of culture.
  • Foreign language: a complete lower-division language sequence, for the Bachelor of Arts; second-semester proficiency or foreign culture courses, for the Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Environmental Science. 
  • A major ranging between 24 and 45 hours.
  • In most cases, a minor consisting of 12 hours in one subject for the catalogs 2010-12, 2012-14, and 2014-16. For the 2016-18 and later catalogs, minors are 15+ hours.
  • Elective hours to reach 120 hours total.


Students in the Plan II Honors program complete a parallel curriculum.


For more specific information on the more than 50 majors in the college, see http://www.utexas.edu/cola/student-affairs/Majors-and-Degrees/




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