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COLA Faculty Guide to Student Affairs

Page history last edited by Casey Bushman 5 years, 9 months ago

Welcome to the College of Liberal Arts Faculty Guide to Student Affairs. The purpose of this guide is to help provide information to faculty throughout the college on the policies and procedures related to student affairs. The Dean’s Office regularly receives questions about these issues because they are unpublished internal procedures or they are university policies from multiple sources.


In the guide you will find information related to student absences, grading, exams, academic dishonesty, and many other topics of interest to faculty. If you search through the guide and cannot find the answer to a question you are seeking, please let us know. Our staff will find the answer to that question and let you know. More importantly, we will post the information to the guide so that other faculty can have access to that information.


The college intends for this online handbook to be an ongoing, and preferably iterative, project. Consequently, if you have comments or questions about a particular page or if there's a topic you would like to see addressed, you can just e-mail us at colastudiv@austin.utexas.edu with “Faculty Guide” in the subject line and we will work on the update.



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