Instructors may assign an incomplete, represented by an X, only for very specific reasons.  According to the General Information Catalog, "The symbol X is not issued for student or faculty convenience; it may be issued for one of the following reasons only in the case of compelling, nonacademic circumstances beyond the student’s control":



To view the entire statement on incompletes, see the General Information Catalog


In no case should the student be encouraged to re-enroll in the class for which a grade of X has been assigned.


Changing a Grade From an X to Another Grade


To change a grade, instructors must use the Registrar's online system. The grade change must be submitted by the last date for grade reporting in the next long semester; for example, an incomplete in the fall semester must be changed by mid-May the following spring semester. If a grade change form is not submitted as required, the X will change to an F. Instructors may request an extension to submit the grade change, subject to approval by the dean of the college in which the student is enrolled.


Extension of incompletes will only be granted for Liberal Arts students under the following circumstances:



Read here for the complete College of Liberal Arts policy on extensions of incompletes.