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College of Liberal Arts Student Division

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The main Student Division phone number is 512-471-4271.


Student Division Deans

Mia Carter,  Associate Dean for Student Affairs MiaC@austin.utexas.edu Heads the Student Affairs.

Administrative Staff

Liz Clayton
liz.clayton@austin.utexas.edu Assistant to Dean Carter and oversees HR, financial, and administrative functions of Student Affairs.
Casey Bushman
casey.bushman@austin.utexas.edu Coordinates advisor training, college-wide email, and publications.
Delisa Lee delisa.v.lee@austin.utexas.edu Coordinates degree audit system.
Maggie Wilhite maggie.wilhite@austin.utexas.edu Assists with HR and special programs.
Agnes Savich

Coordinates events.

Matt Householder
matthew.householder@austin.utexas.edu Supervises the Student Division peer advisors. 
Crystal McCallon crystal.mccallon@austin.utexas.edu Provides administrative support for the Student Division and maintains websites.
Linda Nemec lln@austin.utexas.edu Handles most paperwork processed by the Student Division, including grade change forms.
Liz Johnson
liz.johnson@austin.utexas.edu Provides administrative support for Liberal Arts Career Services and advising teams and processes all financial documents.  


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